“Intelligent Education” or the Panopticon?

Terrifying article on Sixthtone.com about the use of “intelligent education” technology being developed in Chinese classrooms. The Chinese government is actively promoting an extensive AI programme, the Next Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan (NGAIDP), spending $150 billion to incorporate AI into every aspect of Chinese society. The article presents accounts…

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“Learning” and “Path-following”

I’m reading Robert Macfarlane’s wonderful The Old Ways. Early on he connects learning and path-following: The relationship between thinking and walking is also grained deep into language history, illuminated by perhaps the most wonderful etymology I know. The trail begins with our verb to learn, meaning ‘to acquire knowledge’. Moving…

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Music: No Pussyfooting by Fripp & ENO

It’s 45 years ago that the musicians Robert Fripp and Brian Eno recorded the material which became the album, No Pussyfooting. It’s an album I picked up in the late 1980s/early 90s and still listen to from time to time whenever I’m having an ambient phase. I’m sure I got…

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Nothing disappears from the internet

It’s strange! I was just reading a Blogger site, saw that I was logged in and rediscovered – to my delight – that my old Blogger comics review site, Livid Comics, is still live. I maintained it between February to November 2013 when I was collecting Adam Warlock comics and…

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    Absolutely loved the 2nd issue of The Vigilant. This needs to be at least a bi-monthly. Superb revival of old British superheroes. @britcomics
  • Some people in (Brexit) Britain look nostalgically at a supposed Golden Age of schooling in the 1950s, so it’s interesting to read this 1954 Ministry of Education report. In all that data it points out that 38% of grammar school pupils failed to get more than 2 O-levels.
  • Increasingly impressed with Tiddlywiki. I’ve used it for a personal project and been delighted with each discovery I’ve made in how to use it. I’ve just learned how to insert a filter in a tiddler. And EVEN BETTER! how to use the advanced search bar.
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    Found this Twilight Zone Companion in a charity shop this morning. Published in 1982, I would have loved this as a kid. 📚
  • Boris (Smoke me a kipper, I’ll be back before breakfast) Johnson. Groan.

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