In the light I saw quite a scene in there

Much better day today. I’ve even been able to have a shower and change my dressing. I even managed to leave the house for a short time but I fear I may have been a little premature.

A chunk of my time today has been listening to music and, inevitably, circling back to Boards of Canada (which at this point in my life has become inextricable entwined with my nostalgia for my childhood). Been listening to Music Has the Right to Children, their 1998 first studio album. It always affects me and, when I get some time, I’ll write a bit more about it.

I’ve also been trying to encourage Alice to watch more any horror movies (purely selfishly, of course, as it’s almost impossible to find space between the kids and her to watch anything more scary than, say, a 1940s Universal feature). Luckily, I read this article which encourages horror movie-watching as a form of CBT therapy for anxiety:

The basic idea is that people are deliberately getting into situations where they feel anxious and then learning that they can cope with this feeling and that their worst fears aren’t realized,” Dr Sutherland explains. “CBT helps people with anxiety learn that they are worrying too much about something that is unlikely to happen and a core part of CBT for anxiety is setting up “behavioral experiments.” These experiments involve people identifying situations that make them anxious and then putting themselves, gently and gradually, into these situations. The outcome is that people learn that their anxiety is manageable and that it reduces over time.

Says Dr Dougal Sutherland, a clinical psychologist from the Victoria University of Wellington. Seems to make sense to me. Boo!