When feeding time has come and gone They’ll lose their heart and head for home

Bearing in mind I take surveys and polls with a terribly large pinch of salt, the report by Mintel, consumer analysts, about the growth of vegan products in the UK suggests a number of things:

  • only 1% of UK are vegan (not sure this shows any change);
  • 88% of Britons who eat non-meat substitutes say they would still eat meat
  • in the report, people do not appear to cite animal cruelty or exploitation as a reason for not eating meat:

When asked about the benefits of eating less meat, 25% of consumers cited improving the environment, while 32% said it helped to improve health and 31% said it saved them money.

I’m not sure what the label flexiterian actually means other than to make people think they are being novel or doing something environmental or rebelling in some way. I still can’t get over seeing the couple in the supermarket who declared they were looking forward to eating steak after they finish Veganuary!

Watched this great little video from The Tate about Surrealism fronted by Peter Capaldi:

Not sure what I really achieved today. Time, as I keep telling myself, seems to speed past.