February, 2020

Legion of Super-Heroes #4

Genre: SuperheroSeries: Legion of Superheroes (2019)Publisher: DC Four issues in – and no closer to having any idea what’s going on in terms of the main plot regarding Aquaman’s trident – Bendis decides to partially tell the origin of the Legion. As part of his induction, Jon Kent has to…

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49% of adults in UK do not read books!

Blame tv, blame radio, blame social media and video games if you want. The fact is that nearly half of the adult population haven’t read a book within the last year, according to research by Kantar Media. just 51% of adults in the UK read at least one book in…

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Comics I Read, January

Looking back on the month, it seems like I’ve read very few comics. It works out at an issue a day roughly. In my head I seem to read much more than this. I started the month reading back over Flash: Rebirth, Flashpoint, The Button and DC Universe: Rebirth. This…

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