The Hatred of Video Games is Simply Suspicion of Youth

Rather neat, germane piece by Ian Dunt about the way in which video games are stigmatised:

Why should video games be seen as particularly addictive, compared to watching football, say, or soap operas? Both of these activities lead to people obsessively looking at a screen, day in and day out. Both seem to bring a lot of joy to the person doing them but look like a zombified state of hypnotism to those outside of it.

The answer is simple: It is because video games are enjoyed by the young. And like the video nasties scare in the 80s, or the rave scare in the 90s, or much of the commentary today about Instagram, older people tend to presume that anything the young like is somehow fundamentally wrong and dangerous, because they do not understand it.

The Hatred of Video Games is Simply Suspicion of Youth,

If Dunt’s claims about data are correct, it turns out that gaming seems to boost happiness (certainly among those who enjoy playing games).