Cultural Capital

The Fascist Painting: What is Cultural Capital? by Phil Beadle

The Fascist Painting is an explosive and challenging alternative approach to delivering “cultural capital” in schools. It draws attention to the nature of the dominant culture and its role in the legitimisation of social inequality. Beadle offers a manifesto for schools for delivering “cultural capital” in a way that reveals the tools and methods of its use and re-tooling it for the working class.

“The Best Which Has Been Thought and Said” by Phil Beadle

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“A lack of research? How Ofsted misrecognised Cultural Capital” by Phil Beadle

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“Curriculum: The Influence of ED Hirsch” by Greg Sloan

Greg Sloan is head of Media Studies at Haggerston School. He challenges the way that the ED Hirsch-styled cultural literacy is being imposed by central government. As an alternative Sloan proposed bespoke local curriculum cultures.

“Capital Punishment” by Danielle Jones

Danielle Jones is an English and Drama teacher. In this article from the TES, Jones argues that resolving economic disadvantage is more pressing than teaching culture: “”within our current context, we can no longer pretend that the biggest deficit that a disadvantaged child faces is not enough time spent reading Shakespeare. Food poverty, caused by a lack of economic capital, is accelerating rapidly, with more than 2 million children experiencing food insecurity since the pandemic began.”