Legion of Super-Heroes #1

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Jon Kent, current Superboy, is brought to the 31st Century to join the Legion. Meanwhile, a group of Legionnaires manage to prevent Mordru and a criminal gang from acquiring Aquaman’s trident.

The issue is constructed in a straightforward manner: an exciting chase opening where members of the Legion pursue a futuristic flying car through New Gotham, then most of the issue is devoted to Superboy meeting the Legion and exploring this future Earth. New Earth seems to be an artificial construction of sealed cities about a power source.

Ryan Sook’s art is incredibly attractive. He channels the look of the 1980s Keith Giffen Legion in a fresh way which is helped by Jordie Bellaire’s colouring. It bursts with energy. If this comic wasn’t so good to look at, I’m not so sure it would be worth reading.

Although we get a glimpse of Rose and Thorn, the story established in the Millennium two-issue lead-in comic isn’t continued. Typically, for Bendis, there’s a LOT of speech balloons (obviously with many teenage Legion characters there’s more chatter). The name of the criminal gang as the Horraz seems a bit silly to me. Is this storyline about rebuilding the Earth using Aquaman’s trident?