Legion of Super-Heroes #2

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Superboy and the Legion fight the Horraz over Aquaman’s trident. Superboy unexpectedly opens a portal using the trident to flood their location with seawater. After that there’s a great deal of conversation before Ultra-Boy and other Legionnaires travel to his homeworld, Rimbor to speak to his father (who was attempting to acquire the trident) while Superboy travels back in time to – presumably – recruit Damian Wayne to the Legion.

It’s a decent enough issue, even if little happens. Ryan Sook’s art is again lovely to look at and he fills pages of characters sitting around talking with a sense of vibrancy.

At one point, Saturn Girl says to Superboy that he can’t remember her name (indicating he needs to learn names) and I wonder if this is done deliberately in order to speak to the reader. Superboy is, after all, our POV character. In past Legion comics, captions would always explain who members are. Bendis and Sook use “Frichtman tags”, AR-type captions that Superboy can see. Often, these tags are angled so the reader can’t read them but, with a little close reading, it is possible to work out the names of most of the Legionnaires. Maybe Bendis and Sook want their readers to do a little work (or know that a large number of their readers are old Legion fans).

I was a little disappointed that Bendis didn’t go anywhere with Rose and Thorn. Her immortal journey over a millennium ended with her approaching the Legion and in this issue we see her simply as the liaison between the Legion and the United Planets. Was there any real significance to her 1000-year odyssey?

It’s disappointing, too, to see Damian Wayne brought into the Legion so soon. We haven’t got to know any of the Legionnaires properly yet and, with Superboy and Robin taking centre stage, there’s a concern they will dominate the comic.