Legion of Super-Heroes #3

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My favourite issue so far. The Legion is off dealing with Ultra Boy’s father on Rimbor and Mordru on Planet Gotham while Superboy brings Damian Wayne into the 31st Century. There’s more to Aquaman’s trident than simply producing water and there seems to be an important reason the Legion don’t want Robin in the future (they appear to be manipulating timelines). I’m glad Robin isn’t sticking around and, though I understand the guest spot being used to push sales, it’s good to see that there is going to be a plot reason for having him appear in the comic further along.

What I enjoyed about this was the soap opera of seeing the Legion in action. We see them interacting and fighting, getting a chance to see them as characters. For me, the best of the LoSH (which we’re really talking about being pre-New 52) was about an ensemble team and how they got on with each other. It was always that rather than the super-heroics that engaged me.

I’ve probably said this before: Ryan Sook’s art is what’s primarily keeping this book of interest for me. I’m not sure how much I’ll like it when another artist takes over. Sook is on at least until #6.