Legion of Super-Heroes #4

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Four issues in – and no closer to having any idea what’s going on in terms of the main plot regarding Aquaman’s trident – Bendis decides to partially tell the origin of the Legion. As part of his induction, Jon Kent has to experience the memories of Saturn Girl, Lightning Lad and Cosmic Boy. Each memory shows the characters when they were recruited and then at their first meeting. That’s it.

I understand that Bendis is doing a great deal of character building but my interest in this incarnation of the Legion is starting to wane. There’s a reason why Superboy has been brought to the 31st Century… but we’re still waiting to find out what it is. Now we’re also shown that the Legion itself may not exactly be legal… Bendis leaves the issue on that cliff-hanger when Superboy is torn away from his orientation program. The origin stories themselves are generic and, I wonder whether or not the readership of this comic – which would be mostly longer-term Legion readers like me – need them. Newer readers won’t care very much either and simply want to see the Legion in action.

What’s still holding me is Ryan Sook’s art, which is complimented by Mikel Janin’s origin sections. It’s a lovely comic to look at.

In terms of the plot, I’d prefer to see this storyline play out before going on to origins (I always like the 2-3 page back-up pages in comics to do stuff like this). I’m getting the impression that Bendis is beginning to leave a number of plot threads to pick up later. Let’s hope he doesn’t leave them hanging.