The Dollhouse Family #2

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Following the brutal events at the end of the first issue, Alice’s mother is imprisoned and the little girl placed into care. She’s become an elective mute and is bullied by some of the other children. The dollhouse follows her to the home and the little dolls plead with her to come and play with them. Once again, there’s another terrifying repercussion for an unpleasant character. In the secondary story, Kent returns after missing days in the cave. We see him fall in love, marry and for his wife to become pregnant. There’s a horrible scene in the basement after Kent’s wife’s labour which doesn’t bode well. We also see the Black Room, which – presumably – is the centre of consciousness of the entity that is the house. It is clear it is tempting Alice to come to live inside the dollhouse. We also discover that the dollhouse is only interested in members of one family in the terrifying final page.

Two issues in and I think this is a fantastic horror comic. There’s enough weirdness, mystery and horror to have my full attention and I can’t imagine where the plot’s going to go. Which is so refreshing.