The Dollhouse Family #3

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Just wow. I had no idea how good The Dollhouse Family was going to be when I started reading a few days ago. In this issue time passes quickly both in the main and secondary storylines. Alice grows up, goes to university and has a child, Una. The dollhouse returns and attempts to reinsert itself into her life. In the nineteenth century, Joseph Kent abhors his son, who he considers the offspring of his coupling with a demon and responsible for the death of his wife. He goes in search of a magical metal with which to kill the demon.

Two things I love about this comic are the richness of the worlds Carey and Gross depict and how I have absolutely no idea what’s going to happen. We’ve previously been presented with domestic violence (and its source in the social conditions of Thatcher’s Britain), now the creators introduce racism in the form of Arnold, the internet-fuelled racist who is encouraged by the dollhouse to become a terrorist. Again, the ending of the issue is unexpected, shocking and has me totally on tenterhooks for the next issue.