July, 2019

“Learning” and “Path-following”

I’m reading Robert Macfarlane’s wonderful The Old Ways. Early on he connects learning and path-following: The relationship between thinking and walking is also grained deep into language history, illuminated by perhaps the most wonderful etymology I know. The trail begins with our verb to learn, meaning ‘to acquire knowledge’. Moving…

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Music: No Pussyfooting by Fripp & ENO

It’s 45 years ago that the musicians Robert Fripp and Brian Eno recorded the material which became the album, No Pussyfooting. It’s an album I picked up in the late 1980s/early 90s and still listen to from time to time whenever I’m having an ambient phase. I’m sure I got…

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Nothing disappears from the internet

It’s strange! I was just reading a Blogger site, saw that I was logged in and rediscovered – to my delight – that my old Blogger comics review site, Livid Comics, is still live. I maintained it between February to November 2013 when I was collecting Adam Warlock comics and…

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