Nothing disappears from the internet

It’s strange! I was just reading a Blogger site, saw that I was logged in and rediscovered – to my delight – that my old Blogger comics review site, Livid Comics, is still live. I maintained it between February to November 2013 when I was collecting Adam Warlock comics and reviewing them. Looking back, the commentaries I did on Warlock were fine. I collected a longbox full of Warlock appearances and have every issue he’s appeared in from the later 1960s through the 1970s and 1980s. It gets a bit patchier after that and, for some reason, the later appearances are more expensive (e.g.. Annihilation) which became a disincentive. I’m pretty much broke these days, so I’ve more or less put my Warlock collecting on hiatus.

I’ve been reading Chasing Amazing, a great site by Mark Ginocchio where he chronicles the progress of collecting of every issue of Amazing Spider-man (including #1!!!). Finding the old Warlock stuff certainly entices me into considering a similar blog and tracking down all those remaining issues.

Anyhow, my old Livid Comics blog is here.