It’s beyond question that Boris/Al and his ministers just aren’t up to the job of leading the UK in this crisis. Again and again they’ve avoided properly forward planning and left it too late when inevitable actions have to be taken. It’s time for them to go. Boris must resign.

Once more it’s been left far too late to deal with the extraordinary spread of the virus. Sorry, but I don’t believe it’s all down to some mutant strain. It’s down to dithering and the pressure of ultra-right wingers who are happy to see the chaos and devastation the virus is causing. They know there’s big money in a libetarian, free market response (or lack of response). Boris must resign.

Instead of acting decisively and planning our way through this ongoing crisis Boris/Al and his lot have handed over billions of pounds of public money to their already-rich chums. Boris must resign. We know that the vaccine orders have been messed up and there aren’t enough vaccines. Let’s wait and see if the vaccines run out at the end of this week. Boris must resign.

And as for schools: the lack of forward planning and deliberate exclusion of educational experts and school leaders is having its impact on our children. It’s Williamson and the Tory government that are responsible for this utter mess, not the virus. With foreward planning and working in collaboration with teachers, the impact on children’s learning could have been handled so much better. Williamson is responsible. Williamson must go. Boris must resign.

It’s clear that this government is not only not leading this country through the Covid crisis poorly, it’s very dangerous to the people of the UK. We need national leaders who can take the reigns and now steer us through these dark days. We need a new government. Boris must resign.

Just resign. Now.