Then we danced the dance ’til the menace got out

Positively pleased with my new Synology DS220+ NAS.

Last week, part of my old NAS, a WD My Book Live, was remotely wiped. WD’s solution is to tell users to disconnect until they investigated the issue. It was clearly too late for me and I was worried that the other part of my NAS, a WD My Cloud, could be similarly affected. (An upgrade earlier this year had prevented the NAS from backing up in the way it had done for years and I’d procrastinated in sorting it out.) My last proper backup was in April so I’ve lost about 6 weeks’ worth of files.

I’d had my eye on a DS220+ for several months and ordered one from Laptops Direct on Friday night along with two Seagate IronWolf 4TB drives. The order arrived at 10.30 the next morning and it took me less than 10 minutes to unpack, install the drives and get the NAS set up on our home network.

It was impressive how easy it was to set up. Everything installed without a fuss. I was able to mount what was left of the old NAS and copy my files over to the DS220+. What took time was the initial integrity check of the drives (5 hours!) and the transfer of files to the DS220+ (I left that going overnight). The final part of my set up involves daily backups to an external 4TB portable drive using a Synology app called Hyper Backup (5 hours). Synology uses a propriety RAID management system which means that if one drive fails then the other will keep a copy of all the data on the NAS.

My plan is to keep a copy of the portable drive on another drive and keep it stored at another house for safekeeping. Monthly backups with that drive should be enough. I may also take a look at the WD My Cloud and see if I can use it as another backup for the NAS. Alice looks at me with pity when I explain that I want at least 3 separate backups. Never enough backups.