Indicators of an Effective Teacher?

Digging through one of my boxes of stuff, I found this copy of Elizabeth Perrott’s 1982 Effective Teaching, a book I’d bought and intended to read but had put away for the future. It’s a weirdly prescient book: outling many of the approaches to teaching that are currently being promoted in schools. According to the book, Perrott was the director of the International Microteaching Unit at the University of Lancaster. I guess the term “microteaching” captures the general pedagogical approach to classroom practice in schools at the moment. 

I’m particularly taken by the question of what are the indicators of an effective teacher, presented early in the book. Perrott discusses the observable indicators of effective teaching and draws on three groups of research studies (David Ryans, Ned Flanders and Barak Rosenshine & Norma Furst). Early in Effective Teaching, Perrott presents this table:

Seems to me very clear and useful.