Gillen’s A.X.E.

Find myself agreeing with Chad Nevitt’s fierce admiration for Kieron Gillen’s coordination of Marvel’s A.X.E. event:

“I was stunned by the complexity of the narrative he is telling. It is absolutely stunning to see the various threads weave in and out of different comics, pulling together all of these characters. Most events have a variety of narrative threads that the writer must hold together, though I find that they’re usually left loose for others to pick up or cast aside when the time comes to focus on a specific, singular endpoint. Somehow, Gillen’s narrative for this event has grown more and more complex as it has gone on – and he hasn’t abandoned any elements, instead keeps adding new ones.”

Gillen is expert at handling very complex plots and exploring characterisation in provocative ways. His development of Mr Sinister has been always been highly regarded but – in the pages of Immortal X-Men in particular – he’s written takes on characters like Destiny, Sebastian Shaw and, now, Nightcrawler that genuinely bring a sense of adding depth to character. Like Nevitt I’m working hard to keep up with what’s happening (though I’m convinced – spoiler – that what’s actually happening is some sort of reality simulation created by the Celestial).