Make Children Happier

As part of a series arguing for revitalising policies a future Labour government should adopt, Polly Toynbee proposes three key educational reforms:

  • “Bring back those 1,416 Sure Start centres that have closed”
  • “Schools need just one target: make children happier and education a pleasure”
  • “kickstart FE, with the resources and respect it deserves”

Toynbee ends her piece by pointing out the fundamental issue of education at the moment:

Too much education is designed to weed students out, not to find out their skills and encourage them in what they can do. Too many become alienated from learning altogether. Start with the idea that education matters for every child, at every level. They will never learn much if schools are places for exams, inspections, tests and torture, for teachers and pupils alike.

Read the whole piece HERE.