Gallagher & Squire

Eventually listened through Liam Gallager John Squire, the new album by.. er… Liam Gallagher and John Squire. Alexis Petridis claims: “it’s a noticeably better album than anything in Gallagher’s post-Oasis oeuvre, and indeed anything Squire has released since leaving the Stone Roses in 1996. The songwriting is melodically stronger and the performances more vibrant, with a pronounced sense that both parties are sparking off each others’ company.” Kitty Power says: “it refuses to disappoint the faithful of both bands while offering an often intriguing rearranging of the Roses/Oasis DNA”. I’m not so sure. It’s definitely got a mid/late-sixties slight psychedelic edge and isn’t offensive – especially on tracks like Just Another Rainbow and I’m So Bored. Liam does a sterling job of imitating Ian Brown, whose spectre hangs over the whole album (and to be honest, I’d probably enjoyed it far more with Brown’s vocals). Despite that, it is what Oasis/Stone Roses fans probably wanted. The cover shows a pile of commodities with the song titles as labels. You get what it says on the cover: an album by Gallagher and Squire. It’s ok but nothing special.